Useful Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Sites

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IWB Training Resources:

Great IWB Sites

You can also check out the Smartboard Forum site where Coquitlam teachers are working to post internet links they find useful with the Smart boards and various files teachers have made for use with their classes. Coquitlam teachers are encouraged to post resources here to share with their colleagues to help this forum grow!


I keep an ongoing list of links to sites that I find useful with IWBs here: Diigo is a social bookmarking site similar to I also have hundreds of other bookmarks related to activities in a variety of subject areas on my Diigo site:

Google Search Tip

When doing Google searches for Smart board activities add the words Smartboard and Notebook (ie: “simple machines” notebook smartboard) and you will get more results that have files other teachers have created that you can then modify to suit your needs rather than building things from scratch. For more tips on powerful Google searches go to: Google Search Basics and Google search basics: More search help.

If you have any questions or more IWB or Notebook links people should check out please post a comment!

SMART Notebook – adding hyperlinks

Here is a quick tutorial about how to add hyperlinks in Smart Notebook Software:

For many more great video tutorials go to: Technology Tips by Marcia Jeans and enter “notebook” into the search bar on the RH side of her page. You could also do a general search on YouTube. Try using the search terms: “smart notebook“, “tutorial“, and a word or two to describe what you are looking for.

PD To Go – SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast – Using Inference to Read

Craig showed us a fantastic activity to teach students about using inference as they read. You can download the SMART Notebook activity from ~ SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast episode 7:

SB Lessons Podcast - inference

In this activity the students look at a picture and later read a very short scenario such as:

Inference scenario

Then they work through an activity – could be as a class on the SMARTBoard or Projection Screen ~Inference chart

There are many other engaging scenarios in this SMART Notebook file.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software is a teacher and student favorite. It has many great interactive activities that are perfect for the SMART Board.

Sheppard Software

At the Horizons 2009 – CUE BC Conference Darryl highlighted a couple of activities he uses from this site:

Canadian Mapping activities:

Sheppard Software - Map of Canada

There are many other mapping activities on the Sheppard Software Canada Page.

Food Chain Activity:

Sheppard Software - Food Chain

Teachers Love Smartboards

Teachers Love Smartboards

This is a FANTASTIC place to learn more about using SMART Boards. If you check back often – or better yet set up an RSS Feed – it is like taking a course a bit at a time. The author of this blog – James Hollis – provides fantastic support for SMART Board Users.

James Hollis also teams up with another SMART Board expert – Harvey Almarode – in a Podcast: “Get Smart with SMART Boards

You should also be checking out Harvey Almarode’s Home Page: Harvey’s Home Page. It is another great place to find resources.

Building Lessons in SMART Notebook

At the Horizons 2009 CUE BC conference, Nancy showed how she prepares lessons using SMART Notebook Software including hyperlinks to websites, other files. This is a great way to keep all of your resources in one place. The other great thing about designing lessons in SMART Notebook is that following a lesson when you are reflecting on things that went well and things you would like to improve you can go back in, make some quick changes then save and your lessons are ready for next time.

I will be posting instructions for designing SMART Notebook lessons here…but… I have run out of time for tonight so I will have to say ~coming soon~…please check back… If you are eager to see this feel free to send me harassing emails or blog comments. The more encouragement I get the faster I get things done – it is nice to know if people are actually looking for this type of support before I spend time writing it up and posting it!!

SMART Tech Resources ~ by PLO’s!!

SMART Tech has recently renovated it’s resource site and made one very useful improvement to how the resources can be accessed. In their new site they have matched up the SMART Notebook files in their collection with curriculum standards. To find the standards for your area click here:

SmartTech's Ed Resources

While there are not files to match each of the learning outcomes at this time,this is an evolving resource to which many educators are contributing ~ perhaps even you!! To submit your lessons click here.