Getting SMART with Marian Small

SMART Technologies and Nelson Education are putting on a five part Math Webinar Series. I attended the first one live to see if there was an advantage to attending the sessions live. It was a listen only webinar with the opportunity to send questions in a chat box. There was no time, however, for Marian Small to answer people’s questions during the webinar. While they mentioned that they may post the questions and answers on the website eventually, I don’t think that there is any real advantage to attending the sessions live.

If you want to register to attend a live session (free) click here.

If you want to see the recorded sessions I will post links to them below as they become available along with a brief description of the session.

Patterning (October 7, 2009) ~ Note: The Webinar did not work for me using Firefox. I was able to get there via Internet Explorer.

This session went over two patterning lessons prepared by a Grade 2/3 teacher. First the teacher described how she used each page and then Marian Small provided some coaching to help the teacher strengthen her lessons. Marian’s suggestions helped the teacher revise her lesson making it more explicit and adding more questioning so that the students would be involved more actively in mathematical thinking and reasoning. If you watch the webinar please post your comments in response to this post.

Use the Web Link above to go to the webcast and/or to download the SMART Board lesson used by this teacher.

Number and Operations -Part 1 (November 11, 2009)

Number and Operations -Part 2 (January 20, 2010)

Measurement (March 10, 2010)

Geometry (April 28, 2010)

Magic Gopher

Magic GopherThe Magic Gopher is a fun magic trick which will amaze your students. Students should be encouraged to look beyond the magic to find out why this trick works. Begin by having students try to figure out how this works on their own and then go to the Magic Gopher Wikipedia Site to check your answer.

I first heard about this site while driving between schools listening to the Get Smart with SMART Boards Podcast.